"The love and power of

LALA came through everywhere."


LALA V-Camps are an intensive virtual leadership program that provides the tools, community support, and training needed for profound social and personal transformation. Through a series of interactive virtual sessions designed by our world-class staff, you will explore powerful evidence-based frameworks and practices, develop high-impact career skills, and gain entry into a network of hundreds of renowned change-makers throughout the region.




What can I expect?



your public
narrative and
storytelling skills


social innovation
frameworks and


Learn best

practices of how
to build a community from a distance

Access a global network
of social impact

Become part

of the leading
youth leadership
movement in Latin America

Improve your








What is it like to attend a V-Camp?


Who should apply?

What are we looking for?

How do we select

Students aged 14-20 who have access to internet* and are passionate about creating positive change and impact

in their communities.

​Students with demonstrated leadership history seeking the tools and opportunity to impact their communities and

Latin America.

We review and select applicants using four criteria: leadership potential,

sense of purpose, acts of service,

and values alignment.

*If you don't have consistent access to the internet but still would like to attend a Virtual Camp, please include this piece of information in your application so we can support you!




"My V-Camp was a turning point for me to see the person I want to become and how much social impact has to deal with that person. For the first time in years, I am in love with my future and the things I’m capable of doing, and the people I’m able to help."

Laura Tonso (VLB2)

São Paulo, Brazil

Ivanka Leporowski (VLB3)

Guatemala City, Guatemala

"I would have never imagined that I would connect so deeply with people through a series of video calls. The love and power of LALA come through everywhere, and it was extremely amazing to experience being one of the first people to receive its love through a screen thanks to technology."


What our students are saying




Trajectory Summary


Important Note for Applicants and Prospective Students: This is intended to provide an example of what to expect from the Latin American Leadership Academy Virtual Camp. The information below is tentative and subject to change.​


PHASE 1: Community Building

PHASE 2: Practice of Inquiry Methods


Students take the time to share about themselves and hear about each other in order to create a rich learning community for students and their fellow participants.

PHASE 3: Becoming Storytellers


Students learn the importance of crafting a narrative and the role that story plays in any leadership journey. Students internalize how to use narrative to supercharge the way they educate themselves and others, as well as to mobilize resources and communities.

PHASE 5: Arriving at the Turning Point

Students begin to set a plan in motion that orients them towards understanding and pursuing their social impact identity and goals. 

Students practice methods of inquiry that yield deeper connections and understanding of themselves and others. Through learning about strength-based approaches and interviewing each other, students practice vulnerability by speaking their truth and ultimately deepening community connections.

PHASE 4: Becoming Problem Understanders


Students learn the importance of crafting a narrative and the role that story plays in any leadership journey. Students internalize how to use narrative to supercharge the way they educate themselves and others, as well as to mobilize resources and communities.

PHASE 6: Closing, Final Shares & Ecosystem


Students practice vulnerability by doing a final share that enables the community to better understand who they are. The strengthened V-Camp cohort explores how to effectively transition out of meaningful experiences and use them to further grow and develop themselves and their social impact mission. 



What are the stages of the application process?

First comes filling out the application form that is on our website, then LALA Admissions Team will review applications and send acceptance and rejection letters for interviews, which is the next step as well. Once interviews are done, pre-final candidates applications will be reviewed by the team, and lastly, LALA will send either an acceptance or rejection letter for the Camp.

Which language should I apply? What if I’m not proficient in English?

We encourage you to apply to any Camp in the language you feel most comfortable in. We require a medium proficiency level to fully understand and live the experience in English Camps.

Can I switch to a camp in my native language?

Yes; it is permitted once accepted as a final candidate and received your acceptance letter.

What happens if I cannot attend a camp now but would like to do it in the future?

We’d love to have you joining us! You can always re-apply to our future camps.

How much does the V-Camp cost? What financial aid does LALA offer?

The full cost of attendace of the V-Camps is US$500, and our scholarships are a deducted percentage of the full V-Camp.The scholarships are distributed according to the household incomeself-declared by applicants in the financial form, that is part of theapplication process. Simply put, applicants with lower income aremore likely to receive scholarships than applicants with higherincome. The scholarship covers part of the fee to participate in the program.It does not cover anything that is not included in the Camp. The payments will be done in 2 installments, the details will beshared in the acceptance letter.

Where can I find the financial aid form?

The financial aid form can be found in the confirmation email you received after applying for our V-Camps; it is linked in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and you have 3 days, after applying, to fill it out.

What happens if I cannot make the full payment?

As a nonprofit organization that develops the emerging leaders of Latin America, we encourage you to take on our Fundraising method. We provide webinars and resources to help you figure out how to raise funds to be able to cover the costs of V-Camps.

For how long do I have to fundraise?

As soon as you can, once you have been sent an acceptance letter for our V-Camps!

Do I need to buy special material/aid for the camps?

One week before V-Camps start, you will be sent an email with all the information and resources you’ll need. There is no need to buy anything specifically.

I need to speak to someone about my financial situation. What can I do?

Should you have a private financial situation, please email us at

What is the difference between V-Camps and bootcamps?

Given the impact of COVID-19 in all of our lives, we had to switch our amazing live experiences to the virtual world! You will get the same quality of Camps and activities, just through a screen this time.

When are the In-person camps happening again?

We do not have yet a potential date, until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted worldwide.

Can you consider my application for the future in-person camp, instead of this one?

If you have already been accepted but cannot attend, you can come back to get your accepted place in a future camp, just email us!

I was accepted into the July-August 2021 camps. What are the next steps?

Congratulations! Once you get your acceptance letter, you should reply to our email ( confirming your availability to attend the V-Camps and to make the full payment of it.

I cannot attend the full schedule of the camps, I have to miss some days/hours. What can I do?

We want you to experience the best of LALA, therefore, if you’ll be missing more than a few hours and/or more than one day, we encourage you to (re)apply for a future Camp.

I do not have a good internet connection or cell phone device. Should I still attend V-Camps?

We wouldn’t recommend attending if your devices or internet connection are not properly working, as the format of these camps is 100% online.

Can I transfer from a V-Camp to an in-person camp in the future?

Yes; however we cannot provide any dates when in-person camps will happen again.

I have general inquiries. Who should I contact?

Always contact us for general concerns at, with the email subject being depending on the following:
Personal Matter - Name
Financial Aid - Name
General Question - Name

I have specific questions about financial. Which e-mail should I address my questions to?

Could you speak to my parents?

If you have a private situation that requires us to do that, we’d be happy to help. Please email us at