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Applicant Support


Currently, all Bootcamps are postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.​ In the meantime, we are only holding Virtual Bootcamps.  Please visit  V-Camps to see all upcoming  Virtual Camp dates, how to apply, and deadlines.



What’s Distinctive About LALA?



What are the perks of attending

a LALA program?


Membership in the

LALA community

As part of the LALA community, you will gain continuous access to global development and scholarship opportunities, resources, and connections to support your growth after the bootcamp.

Develop new
Social-Emotional Skills

Create social
impact projects

Understand more about your passions, values, and motivations. Experiment with different mindfulness and meditation techniques to increase self-awareness and cultivate a compassionate mind and heart.

Work in small teams to develop innovative social impact projects, using Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship tools to tackle the problems you are most passionate about.

Gain valuable mentors for life

Have profound and genuine conversations with inspirational leaders, social entrepreneurs, and educators that are creating positive change in business, government, and education around Latin America.

Engage in Socratic

We believe in the principle of organizing as a circle to enhance the quality of our dialogues in complex leadership topics such as "the good society" and "ethics in government and business".

Learn through Community Visits

Learning does not happen only inside the classroom. We make sure to visit iconic social impact projects and communities to better understand the reality of Latin America.

Gain important
Leadership Skills

Experience a
Tight-knit Cohort

Develop yourself as a service-oriented and self-transcendent leader. Better understand your strengths and discover your authentic leadership style. Practice valuable habits from high-performing leaders.

Become part of a highly selective cohort of innovative young leaders who have a passion to positively impact their communities. Our students come from a very diverse background and have been accepted in the most renowned universities in the world.


Our selection process

You might have already noticed that at LALA, we care more about your care for fostering positive impact in your community than your grades, resumé, or test scores. We believe that each one of our community members is much more than a score and that how you performed on one or a collection of assessments does not determine your value as a human being or your potential as a leader. Our programs focus much on public narrative and storytelling because we believe in the immense power of stories, and while test scores may be part of your narrative, they do not tell the whole story!



You submit an application online that includes:

  • Short questions

  • Transcript or Report Card

  • Essay questions

  • Video submission

  • Supplementary information




After we review your application, you may be invited to a virtual interview with a member of our Admissions Team. In this round, we want to learn more about you, your passions, and your ideas.



Most applicants will receive a decision within 6-8 weeks after

submitting their application to us.

Useful resources for applicants
and prospective students


We know LALA can be a handful to understand at first, especially for parents and guardians. Please check our exclusive page for guardians for specific information on LALA's initiatives.


If you need a scholarship to attend LALA, please refer to our financial aid page in order to learn more about our need-blind admission process, need-based scholarships, and fundraising.


Even though you can contact us if you have any questions about our programs, we highly encourage you to read our FAQ first, which will provide you many useful answers about our work.