& wellness

At LALA, we understand that managing our psychology, wellbeing, and emotions is among the hardest challenges of leadership. We also know that our emotional growth enables all other forms of personal and professional development. Finally, a growing body of research is definitively concluding that leaders that are attuned to their own and other's emotions are more effective, more resilient, and more inspirational. 


This is why we place a strong emphasis on cultivating self-awareness, courage, empathy, and purpose, and in helping our students and alumni confront their reality—a beautiful journey, but perhaps the hardest of all! Thus, we have teamed up with psychologists, therapists and other clinical workers to provide clinical and therapeutic guidance to LALA students and alumni as they walk through the challenges of life. LALA serves as a platform for connecting these experts in the field with students in want and in need of mentorship.

NOTE: We are currently restructuring this initiative and re-building the team. We hope to offer more mental health opportunities to our students as soon as possible.