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LALA is different from other educational institutions in Latin America, and we know it can be difficult at first to fully understand our work. On this page, you will find summarized information about our work, as well as resources tailored for our students’ families. We want to ally with you so we can work together to support our young Latin American promising leaders!




What is the Latin American

Leadership Academy


We believe that empowering Latin America's most promising young leaders to create the change they want to see is the best way to transform the region. LALA identifies young leaders from across the continent with demonstrated leadership potential, a passion for Latin America, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a track record of community service. LALA continues to empower these leaders by connecting them to our Ecosystem- a network of changemakers composed of our Alumni, our donors, partner organizations, and educational institutions. 



How to know if LALA is right for your child?

There are lots of benefits to your child attending LALA: 

  • They will develop strong friendships with other principled, talented, and like-minded people from all over Latin America;

  • They will learn about other cultures from Latin America;

  • They will learn to develop themselves as young adults and young leaders;​

  • They will prepare to take independent action and build teams of support around their goals;

  • They will learn to communicate their goals and objectives to build relationships and attract resources;

  • They will learn to turn their ideas into reality;

  • They will learn from world-leading talent & know-how;

  • They will find mentors, role models, and supporters to help them with their journey;

  • They will build a strong Latin American network and join a generation of leaders that promises to transform the region.


What we see in and believe in our students

We see immense potential in our students. We believe that they are the key to transforming Latin America for the better. We believe they are the brightest, most qualified individuals to understand, address, and tackle the biggest problems in their communities and across the region. LALA selects students who are passionate about Latin America, about serving their communities, and about building a better future. 


Want to know more about LALA and why your child wants to join us? 


Here is our family eHandbook made just for you!

  • If you have any safety concerns, please see our Family Handbook

  • If you want to know more about our staff, who will be supporting your students, please see our Staff Page.



What is LALA?

LALA is a non-profit institution that seeks to promote sustainable economic development and strengthen democratic governance in Latin America by developing and connecting a new generation of principled and socially innovative leaders. Find out more about our mission and purpose in the “About Us” page.

What programs does LALA offer?

LALA has three main programs: the Bootcamps, the V-Camps, and the LALA Academy. After students successfully attend any of the programs, they become LALumni. To keep supporting them after the program, we created an Ecosystem network of Mentors, LALumni, and others that keeps growing! Find out more about our programs in the Ecosystem page.

What’s the benefit of my child joining LALA?

After participating in LALA’s official programs, students become LALumni and enter the Alumni Engagement Community. In this ecosystem, LALumni become lifelong members with access to inspirational peers and mentors, experiential leadership opportunities and community events, as well as resources, scholarships and opportunities with strategic partner organizations.

What kind of support does LALA give to parents/families?

Once a student is accepted into one of LALA’s programs we will send the selected student a survey for their guardians to fill out so we can receive your contact information and forward you updates, invitations, and guidance. For example, we will send guardians a newsletter with more information about the organization and we will host Family Welcome Webinars in Spanish and Portuguese.
Also, we can connect you with the parents of our alumni so they can answer any question you have on the experience of their child joining LALA. If you would be interested in reaching out to a parent, please send us an email to familysupport@somoslala.org with the subject "Parents Ambassador Program".
Finally, the LALA staff is available for one-on-one calls upon request. Send us an email to familysupport@somoslala.org and we will coordinate with you.

Is LALA a scam?

No! LALA is a legal non-profit organization. Through Google, you can find some articles about our work in trustworthy communication channels, such as The Bogota Post, Educación Futura, El Comercio, Estudar Fora, Escola Mobile, Brazil Reports and Argentina Reports.

How can I get in contact with LALA staff?

We would love to answer any questions that you may have. Please email familysupport@somoslala.org and allow us three business days to get back to you.

Can I have a conversation with a guardian who has already sent their student to LALA?

Yes. We have created the Parents Ambassador Program to connect the guardians of our alumni with the ones from prospective applicants. Please email familysupport@somoslala.org.

I’m concerned about our financial situation in order to pay for LALA’s program. Can I talk with the LALA staff?

Sure! Please email us to financialaid@somoslala.org.

Who are the program’s educators?

Antonio Rodriguez | New York City, USA Antonio Rodriguez is a writer/educator/organizer from New York City currently living in Medellin, Colombia. For over 2 decades, he has explored how storycraft and intergroup dialogue can be used to achieve social impact with school districts, Fortune 500 companies, crisis communities and NGOs around the world. He's currently obsessed with how to create impact systems that create impact systems. Some keywords: Harvard Kennedy school, the Posse Foundation, bigSTORY, Skid Row Community Improvement Coalition, Beloved Community. Antonio leads the instructional design of bootcamps, v-camps and various aspects of the larger ecosystem. He is deeply committed to collaboratively architecting the heart and soul of the org. Marcelo Peterlini | São Paulo, Brazil Marcelo is devoted to building a beloved community that can evoke the best of humanity. He is passionate about supporting youth in finding their own path and truth by questioning life and cultivating positive habits that help them better understand themselves and others and the world in order to live a meaningful life. He is on a mission to explore ways in which contemplative practices and spirituality can support youth leadership development and integrate inner and outer transformation. Before joining LALA, Marcelo has worked as a college counselor, social emotional learning facilitator and led groups of young men in exploring masculinity. Marcelo has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, a postgraduate degree in Social Innovation, and has been trained as a mindfulness and compassion meditation teacher. If you are also on this journey of bringing love and compassion to the world, please reach out! Marcelo is responsible for overviewing the admissions process and all educational initiatives at LALA. If you want to see our whole team, please see our team page.