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LALA is different from other educational institutions in Latin America, and we know it can be difficult at first to fully understand our work. On this page, you will find summarized information about our work, as well as resources tailored for our students’ families. We want to ally with you so we can work together to support our young Latin American promising leaders!




What is the Latin American

Leadership Academy


We believe that empowering Latin America's most promising young leaders to create the change they want to see is the best way to transform the region. LALA identifies young leaders from across the continent with demonstrated leadership potential, a passion for Latin America, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a track record of community service. LALA continues to empower these leaders by connecting them to our Ecosystem- a network of changemakers composed of our Alumni, our donors, partner organizations, and educational institutions. 



How to know if LALA is right for your child?

There are lots of benefits to your child attending LALA: 

  • They will develop strong friendships with other principled, talented, and like-minded people from all over Latin America;

  • They will learn about other cultures from Latin America;

  • They will learn to develop themselves as young adults and young leaders;​

  • They will prepare to take independent action and build teams of support around their goals;

  • They will learn to communicate their goals and objectives to build relationships and attract resources;

  • They will learn to turn their ideas into reality;

  • They will learn from world-leading talent & know-how;

  • They will find mentors, role models, and supporters to help them with their journey;

  • They will build a strong Latin American network and join a generation of leaders that promises to transform the region.


What we see in and believe in our students

We see immense potential in our students. We believe that they are the key to transforming Latin America for the better. We believe they are the brightest, most qualified individuals to understand, address, and tackle the biggest problems in their communities and across the region. LALA selects students who are passionate about Latin America, about serving their communities, and about building a better future. 


Want to know more about LALA and why your child wants to join us? 


Here is our family eHandbook made just for you!

  • If you have any safety concerns, please see our Family Handbook

  • If you want to know more about our staff, who will be supporting your students, please see our Staff Page.