Our Bootcamp Team

Diego Ontaneda

Founder & CEO

Diego is passionate about bringing socioeconomic development and better governance to Latin America. To achieve these goals, he seeks to develop a new generation of Latin American Leaders: ethical, courageous, and entrepreneurial leaders who will transform the continent. 


Diego is an Echoing Green Fellow who completed his undergraduate degree in Political Economy at Williams College and has an MBA from Stanford University. He worked at McKinsey & Company and at African Leadership Academy,  He is from Peru.

David Baptista

Co-Founder & Master Educator

David is passionate about helping students develop essential dispositions, skills, habits and values that support long term health and wellness. He is a master teacher and educator with 15+ years of professional experience who speaks and consults on a wide range of topics, including social emotional learning, STEM education, and curriculum design.

David is an Echoing Green Fellow who graduated from Tufts University where he studied philosophy, physics and history. Cognitive science sparked his passion for education and he is broadly interested in understanding the impact of self-regulatory practices in multicultural contexts. 

Marcelo Peterlini

Regional Director & Facilitator

Marcelo is passionate about youth and the power they have to transform and influence their surroundings. He enjoys  supporting students into finding their own truth and what sparks their interests and curiosity. He is curious about the mysteries of the mind and loves to develop and share new habits that brings more joy and well being to life.


Marcelo completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Berry College and holds a masters degree in Cooperation Pedagogy and Social Innovation at Amani Institute.

Fatou Fall

Bootcamp Manager & Students Coach

Fatou is passionate about people and the power of information technology to make us smarter and have higher quality of life. She grew up in Dakar, Senegal, and has lived in multiples countries including South Africa, USA, South Korea, DRC, Mauritius and Argentina. 


Fatou graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Applied Math and went on to build fun courses and student experiences at African Leadership University. She is currently teaching at a high school in Argentina.

Edgard Gouveia

Facilitator & Game Designer

Edgard is passionate about unleashing the human spirit through the fields of play. At 6'7, Edgard towers over most people. An early career in professional volleyball in his native Brazil was exchanged for a life of social impact.


He is the co-founder of Instituto Elos, Warrior Without Weapons, and Oasis Game which teaches young entrepreneurs how to empower communities to reach their own dreams without relying on outside sources of funding, including on catastrophic situations. Hundreds of Oasis games have now been played on four continents.

Antonio Rodriguez

Master Facilitator & Story Officer

Antonio is passionate about what stories are and how they do what they do, i.e. everything. He is a writer, educator and organizer from New York City currently living in Los Angeles. He was a founding member of the Brooklyn Theatre Company, where his work was staged in association with such historic NYC theatrical institutions as the Ensemble Studio Theatre and Dixon Place.

For nearly two decades, Antonio has explored how immersive theatre and leadership training can be used to achieve social impact with school districts in the US.

Marc Kirst

Facilitator & Student Coach

Marc is passionate about the power of social transformation for a more conscious, responsible and authentic youth. He founded Prove, an
entrepreneurial education movement that impacts people in more than 5 countries.


He is a social innovator supported by the Red Bull Amaphiko International and undertakes invitations so that young people and their support networks live more true, free and abundant lives. 

Marc is a college dropout and represented Brazil in the Silicon Valley in the competition Your Big Year.

Jessica Kenny

Community Engagement Coordinator & Student Coach

Jessica is passionate about agroecology, multilingual justice, and finding ways to be mindful of our interdependence. She enjoys cultivating community (often through food or movement-related activities), spotting synchronicities, and celebrating people.


Jessica completed her undergraduate degree in Development Studies at Brown University. She is from Curitiba, Brazil.

Isabel Andrade

Bootcamp Manager & Student Coach

Isabel is passionate about connecting people to each other and building community. She studied philosophy at Williams College and now teaches at a Kichwa indigenous school in Quito, Ecuador, her home town. She loves filmmaking, storytelling and the outdoors. 


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