Student Spotlights

Victor Parra

Caracas, Venezuela

Passion: Education, Activism


“All those tools and values ​​that LALA transmits have made me a more secure person of myself, more aware and motivated, because it is possible to make a change!”.

Hello Victor, tell us about a problem you are passionate about.


I come from a very humble community in Caracas called Catia, where violence and poverty abound.  Currently, Venezuela is going through a very difficult situation, where the education system has been very affected by teacher shortages, high prices in school utilities and lack of food in most of the families of my community.

How have you approached solving this problem?


For me, the most important thing at this moment is to be able to give the youth of my community the opportunity to return to believe in the path of education.


One of the main steps I have taken to help my community has been to inspire and motivate many young people within my community, demonstrating that education can change lives in the same way that mine has changed.


What are some results that you have seen so far?


One of the results that I have seen in my community is that now many children tell me that they would like to be like me in the future. I have also seen that many young people have been motivated to look for study opportunities and scholarships here in Venezuela and also outside. Because as I always say, we create our own limits!.

How has LALA helped you on your journey?


For me, participating in LALA has been one of the best opportunities of my life. It motivated me and inspired me to do more for my community and for the whole world. The opportunity to meet other young people with the same desire to make a positive difference inspired me to look for ways to stay in touch and find ways to collaborate with them to solve common problems in the future.

Michelle Marchesini 

Villavicencio, Colombia
Passion: Women empowerment


“ LALA changed my life… It’s truly a life-changing experience where you learn about leadership, sustainability, community and even yourself”.

Hello Michelle, tell us about a problem you are passionate about.

The problem I want to solve is women empowerment in my region. My goal is to increase girls’ opportunities in vulnerable areas so that they get into college or university. Specifically, I want to empower them to get interested in the sciences.


How have you approached solving this problem?

At school I take extra science classes that I plan to take to the vulnerable neighborhoods of my city as soon as I start classes again. I’ve been contacting some of the community leaders and teachers, so they can open us a space to do the workshops!

Here in Colombia we have something called “social hours” (community service) where we have to volunteer in order to graduate, so I’ve been talking to my math teacher and school’s principal to do my project with my classmates together in order to make it easier and better.


How has LALA helped you on your journey?


LALA COMPLETELY changed my life. I’m so grateful for have been part of something so amazing and unique as LALA. LALA has empowered me as a teenager, as a girl, it made me realize how much power we have to change our community, and even the world. It’s truly a life-changing experience where you learn about leadership, sustainability, community and even yourself.

I’m currently applying to a Yale’s summer program called Yale Young Global Scholars and I can tell, I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for Latin American Leadership Academy.


"Mecha Joven is a program that develops social innovation strategies by identifying the educational, economical, and community needs of the Colombian rural youth. Right after I met Daniela and Esteban during the Colombia Leadership Bootcamp, we started to brainstorm possibilities to give back to young people all the knowledge acquired from the bootcamp. At Mecha Joven we firmly believe in the power of education to spark the fire of many Colombian students all over the country."

Juan David Pico, 19  |  Mecha Joven- Co-Founder & CEO

"I’ve always noticed that there were lots of NGOs and charity institutions that had amazing projects but were unable to do their best because of the lack of visibility and donations. DOANDO is a platform that unites possible donors and institutions that need donations, in this manner, helping them to continue doing an incredible work and engaging citizens to be active in their communities"

Tarsila Cordeiro, 18  |  DOANDO - Founder and CEO

"Ever since my early years, I was intrigued by the harsh and complex reality lived by those who dwell among the streets, and this led me to the idea of creating a project to minimize the issue; minimize the harshness of these people's lives. In 2017, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Brazil Leadership Bootcamp (BLB) team, which instructed me on how to organize my ideas for the initiative. As a result, Homefull was born: a non-profit organization which seeks to unite compassionate people through the purpose of transforming the lives of the most afflicted. Thus, bringing visibility to the ones that, to many, are invisible. So far we were able to take 7 homeless people off the streets."

Davyd Tokarski, 17  |  Homefull - Founder & CEO

"At school, I always felt uncomfortable after a class discussion ended. We always talked about so many different social, economic and environmental problems the world faces, and despite knowing all of that we never took initiative to start solving these problems. It seemed that just because we were young we weren't capable to help build a better world. So, I decided to start Construindo o Futuro, which is a teenager movement that works with sustainable development in schools and communities around Brazil."

Breno Teixiera, 16  |  Construindo o Futuro - Founder & CEO
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