For Parents

How to know if LALA is right for your child


Benefits of your child attending LALA:


  • They will build a strong Latin American network and join a generation that promises to transform the region.

  • They will learn to develop themselves as young adults and young leaders

  • They will learn to turn their ideas into reality

    • They will learn to communicate their goals and objectives to build relationships and attract resources.

  • They will develop deep friendships with principled and talented people from all over Latin America

    • They will join a Latin American community of young, talented, humble, purpose-driven, entrepreneurial leaders.

  • They will learn about other cultures from Latin America

  • They will find mentors, role models and supporters to help them with their journey

  • They will learn from world-leading talent & know-how

    • Our team comes from some of the best universities in the world: Stanford, Tufts, Harvard

    • Our methodologies are well-tested and based on research from world-class institutions: McKinsey & Company. Echoing Green, African Leadership Academy

  • They will prepare to take independent action and build teams of support around their goals.


"Very special youth development opportunity. I was impressed by the ampleness, consistency and positive impact of the program on my son's life. We did not know exactly what to expect from the program and it certainly surpassed our highest expectations".

— Luciana Martins Loureiro

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