Frequent Asked Questions

  1. General


What is LALA?

  • LALA is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote sustainable economic development in Latin America by finding, developing and connecting young impact-oriented leaders from around the continent.

Who founded LALA?

What is a LALA bootcamp?

  • Our immersive bootcamps are intensive leadership and social innovation development programs that provide young Latin Americans, 14-18 years old, the abilities, tools and support to tackle the problems they are most passionate about. Our students are interested in a range of sectors, such as Entrepreneurship, Civic Society, Business, Technology, Science, Education, Government, Media, and more.

Where are LALA bootcamps located?

  • We offer bootcamps all over Latin American countries. In 2019, we will offer bootcamps in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru (and more to be confirmed). For information on the bootcamp location (language, deadline), please see our Admissions page.

Who can attend a LALA bootcamp?

  • The ideal age range to attend a LALA bootcamp is 14-18 years old (although we will consider students aged 12-13 and 19-21 on a case-by-case basis). Financial aid is available for applicants from Latin American countries or who have strong ties to Latin America (by Latin America we mean Latin America and The Caribbean). Other global applicants are welcome to apply! Learn more about our admissions criteria in our Admissions page.

What do I need to bring to the bootcamp?

  • You only need to bring comfortable clothes, towels, personal hygiene items, and your energy!

LALA sounds too good to be true. How can I be sure it is not a scam?!

  • LALA is real! We are recognized by international institutions such as Stanford Business School (read articles here, here and here), Echoing Green (read about our founders here). We are also recognized for our impact, please see some of our student impact stories here and our parents’ testimonials here.


   2. Admissions


How can I apply to LALA bootcamps?

  • You can apply to LALA bootcamps by filling out this application. To learn more about our admissions criteria and our selection process, please see our Admissions page.

How many bootcamps can I apply to?

  • You can apply to at most 3 bootcamps but you will only be admitted to one.

Can I only apply to a bootcamp in my country?

  • No, you can apply to any bootcamp location. However, be mindful that we typically do not cover flights, so you will need to think about that expense. However, in rare circumstances, we have been able to help some students with airfare.

What is the deadline for applying to LALA?

  • We have two deadlines: First and Second Round. Refer to this page for details.

Which round of admissions should I apply to?

  • We strongly advise all our applicants to apply in the First Round. We have more places available for admissions and we are also able to offer more scholarships to First Round applicants.

When will I hear back from LALA after I submit my application?

  • Applicants typically receive an admissions decision from us within 4 weeks of applying.

What are LALA selection criteria?

  • Our selection criteria are: a Passion for Latin America, Demonstrated Leadership, Vocation for Service, Intellectual Curiosity and Humility. For more information, please see our Admissions page.

Can I speak to past participants of LALA bootcamps?

  • Yes, you can speak to past participants of LALA bootcamps. If you wish to do so, please send us an email to this address:


   3. Fees and Financial aid


What are the fees of attending a LALA bootcamp?

  • The fee of attending a LALA bootcamp is USD 1,500. You can see the fee in your currency in the Admissions page.

What is included in the fee?

  • The fee includes:  Seminars, Training modules, City tours, Lodging, Meals, Global Research & Development to improve our curriculum, Flight and compensation of world-class facilitators, educators and speakers

What is NOT included in the fee?

  • The fee does not include flights, health insurance, vaccines and visa fees.

Can I get a scholarship to attend LALA?

  • Yes, you can apply for a scholarship to attend LALA. However, please note that our scholarships are limited and we cannot guarantee that you will receive a scholarship. We strongly advise you to apply in Round 1 to maximize your chances of receiving a scholarship.

If I do not get a scholarship, how can I finance my investment in my LALA experience?

  • We can help you find ideas on how to finance your investment in your LALA experience. Some students have experimented with crowdfunding and other fundraising initiatives. We can connect you to previous students who have successfully raised funds to attend LALA (please send us an email to this address:

   4. For Parents

Why should my child attend LALA?

  • There are numerous benefits of attending LALA for your child, such as being part of a strong Latin American network, being able to develop themselves as young adults and young leaders. They will learn how to turn their ideas into reality; they will develop deep friendships with peers from all over the continent; they will have greater access to international opportunities. To learn more about benefits of attending LALA for your child, and what parents of our past participants have said, please visit the For Parents page.

How will I stay connected to what’s happening at the bootcamp?




  • #LeadTheChange #BeTheChange #LALAalumni #somosLALA


  • We will also create a WhatsApp group with the Bootcamp’s facilitators and LALA staff to keep you posted about every movement your children do at the bootcamp.

Can I connect with other parents of participants that have participated in past bootcamps?

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